"Up in Smoke"
Thanks for the snap Mara :)
andremaliikphotography asked:
i think you are one of my favorite photography

Thanks man!

'Blue Sky Watching”
"All American Girl"

"Explosions in the Sky"

Happy 4th of July everyone of you ‘mericans.
"Southern Waters"
tannerthomason asked:
Hi, did you do the double exposure on "i see everything" in camera or did you also use photoshop? It's the best one I've ever seen and would love to learn how to recreate something like that!

This is one of the best compliments ever, thank you! Double exposure photography has long been one of my favorites.

To answer your question: It’s Photoshop. If your going to be making a double of a landscape and a portrait, the trick is to find your landscape first. Then model your portrait so that it compliments the landscape.

As far as editing goes, I do a lot of blending with layers. I suggest starting by opening the landscape image, placing a portrait over top, and then making the portrait layers blend mode “soft light.” From there you can use a large soft paint brush on the portrait to blend them together.

Hope this helps and thanks for stopping by! I love the questions.